Friday, January 21, 2011

A Sharing Shiba Inu

I admit, I don't like to share much of anything. Afterall, the Shiba Inu's favorite word is "MINE". I don't share my toys, I don't share my food. I don't share my owners. I don't share my bed. I don't share my space. Especally not with the cats, ewww! They are all MINE MINE MINE.

What? Mom? Did you say something? What's that? I DO share??? Mom!! I'm trying to keep my reputation here. Huh? A photo? A what?? When did you take that?? Man, I am so busted..sigh..


Mika said...

Hey, you need to make Santa's good list throughout the year somehow, right?

a girl and her two shibas said...

we agree with mika. that's the only way santa knows who to give all those yummy treats and bully sticks to

AnnaMaria said...

hi :D
i love your shibas :D
i'm new on blogger
greets from austria