Saturday, November 26, 2011

Update on the Puppy Mill Bust in Quebec

Last we heard, Shiba Rescue GTA is expecting up to 10 Shiba Inu into their care.  They are finding foster homes, but would appreciate any donations to help cover medical costs, including spay/neuter.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Largest Puppy Mill Bust in Canadian History includes Shiba Inu.

This was posted on Shiba Rescue GTA Facebook page.  Quebec Puppy Mill Bust Update: The owners of the largest puppy mill bust in Canadian history were charged with over $10,000 in fines for 17 offenses which resulted in the seizure of over 630 dogs of various breeds. The Shiba Inu breed was counted amongst the dogs seized. As of the writing of this message, Shiba Rescue GTA will be taking into their care, the seized puppy mill Shibas. We are unsure ...of how many are coming into our care, but know for certain that a minimum of 4 Shibas have been identified. If you wish to help these Shibas we are seeking financial help (all of the Shibas are breeding dogs and need to be vaccinated and spayed/neutered and offered Veterinary care (some have skin issues) to offset some of the financial burden from our small rescue. Any offers of help would be gratefully appreciated. It is not often that our rescue has been placed in this type of position to help "local" Shibas. Please let us do this to the best of our ability. Donations can be made through PayPal and e-check through our website of : Thanks so much and I will keep you all abreast of what happens with these mill dogs.