Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cat vs Dog

Our cat, Tatiana, and our dog, Sushi, have grown up together. They are both 7 yrs old. They got off to a rocky start, though. Tatiana was 5 months old when we brought 2 month old Sushi home. Tatiana growled, hissed and swatted at poor puppy Sushi. Sushi wouldn't come out of his crate if she was around. This lasted for about a day and a half. Finally, Sushi had had enough! He came racing out of his crate barking his head off at Tatiana, who quickly ran off. After that, they were the best of pals. Since they were the same size at that time, they would chase and wrestle all over the livingroom, it was pure fun and entertainment! As they got bigger, they still continue to play, and Sushi often mimics how Tatiana uses her paws. But, Sushi likes to be sneaky and tries to get in a few hipchecks now and then. Tatiana is almost always the instigator. I took this video the other night, as this goes on every time I am preparing their supper. You'll see our other cat, Bailey, for a few seconds at the beginning, she doesn't like to get involved!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Shiba Inu Mistaken for Coyote Released in the Wild

Ok, Shibas are always thought to be a fox,a husky, maybe even a wolf. But, this goes beyond ridiculous and I sincerely hope that Copper is found safe and soon, and returned. I realize the Shiba Inu is not a common breed, but I think this goes beyond a mere mistake.

[b]Please make sure your Shiba is not only microchipped, but is wearing a collar or harness whenever outside.[/b] - Bonnie & Sushi

Dog Mistaken for Coyote Gets Released in Wild
Maria Goodavage
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Imagine if your dog got loose and was taken in by the local humane society, only to be handed over to law enforcement authorities because your dog was mistaken for a coyote. (OK, I know most dogs would not be mistaken for coyotes, but bear with me.) Then imagine if animal “experts” told authorities that coyotes are nuisance animals, and that they had two choices: Euthanize the animal, or return it to the wild.

This was the scenario in Frankfort, Kentucky, when Lori Goodlett’s Shiba Inu, Copper, ended up in the hands of police after being rejected by the Franklin County Humane Society because someone there thought she was a coyote. The police, not wanting to have to kill Copper, took her to an open field and released her, according to a story on WKYT.

Goodlett doesn’t hold the police accountable. At least they didn’t kill her dog. In fact, when officers later saw Copper’s photo on flyers Goodlett had posted and realized what had happened, they began helping her try to find her dog.

Copper is still missing. Goodlett would very much like to have her back, and spends a lot of time fielding phone calls from people who think they have spotted her. But so far, no leads have panned out.

This is so sad. I think of how Jake would fend if released into the wilds of Kentucky. Unless he ran into Col. Sanders wielding a bucket of fried chicken thighs, he’d probably be a goner. I hope Copper found her way to a kind home and will soon be returned to Goodlett for a very happy reunion. In the meantime, someone needs to get the Humane Society a very good book on dog breeds. And perhaps am equally good lawyer, too.

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