Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tricks Can Boost Your Dog's Confidence

Mom has always taught me tricks, since I was a puppy: sit, stay, lie down are the basics; fun ones are: spin, wave, gimme 10, shake a paw, say your prayers, crawl, catch & yum yum. I am currently learning "touch" and I'm hearing rumours I'm going to learn how to cross my paws soon!

A few months ago, Mom joined because I am very timid around my Father in Law. This group is a wonderful source of advice and support.

Mom took their advice, and incorporated my tricks into CookieTime with CookieGuy (aka FIL). It's been a slow process but I have come a long way. I will now paw at his knee for a treat, whereas before, no way would I get that close!

Mom feels that when I do tricks, I am focused, rather than dancing around anxiously. Ok, I still do that a little bit, but not as much as I used to! The tricks boost my confidence, especially when I'm given the commands "spin" or "bark" or "wave". I love those ones!! "Catch" is becoming a good one as well, because I will actually take a step forward to get closer to catch the treat!

Mom thinks that without the treats, I would still progress, but not as well as I have. Besides, it's FUN and involves really stinky cookies -roohoo!!!

Here is a video: