Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shiba Inu Enjoys the Cool Weather

Ahhhh, fall is in the air...cooler weather, roohoo!!! I've had a miserable summer. Way too much humidity for my liking. I blew my coat the entire summer, stopped for about 2 weeks, and now I am starting again. Mom is thrilled. She keeps threatening me with a bath to loosen up the fur and get it overwith or something. All I know is that it's cooler outside, which means longer walks for me!!!! I had a hard time all summer. I love my walks, but in that heat, I would be the first to turn around to head home. Sometimes, even after 2 minutes, it was too much for me. Mom always brought plenty of water for me and took me out during the coolest times of the day. We even looked into jackets made especially for dogs to deal with cooler weather, but for one reason or the other, Mom didn't like them or the ones she did like, wouldn't fit me, humph. She took good care of me though :)

Hey, my 7th birthday is coming up this month, so a big shout out to my one and only sibling, my brother, Storm!!! Mom already gave me my first birthday gift - a stuffed snake, I love it love it love it!! It doesn't have stuffing inside, it has large funny squeakers, and it's tail rattles to. I have fun playing with it. My 2nd birthday gift (Mom says it's my gift for the rest of my life) is a fence for my new backyard! We are moving in a few weeks, and I will have a HUUUUUGE back yard to play in, I can't wait!!

Wow, so many exciting things going on. I need to take a nap. Behave yourselves all you Shibas. Well, make your owner think that you are ;)



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sushi! That new yard will be a fabulous place for the Shiba 500--in cold weather!

a girl and her two shibas said...

wow! that's plenty of room to play tag! we hope you have a wonderful birthday! keep the pictures coming, we like reading your blog.

the inus,
kuma & hiro

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