Friday, February 2, 2007

The Shiba 500

For those that are owned by a Shiba Inu already, you know what I'm talking about. The infamous Shiba 500. Where your Shiba runs like s/he's psycho at warped speed and the best thing you can do is cheer them on but stay out of the way! Sushi had 2 rounds of the Shiba 500 tonight. He used to do this more often as a puppy, but I still laugh everytime he does it. I think when I laugh it encourages him to run even more! Odd things can set off the Shiba 500 - a good poop usually does it. But, tonight, it was because I furminated him outside. The Furminator is an excellent "comb" to help when they are blowing their coats. Sushi's nickname these days is "FuzzButt".

Bonnie & Sushi

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Anonymous said...

A good poop!!! LOL
The funny thing is, I usually need a GOOD run after a good poop too,