Thursday, February 22, 2007

Safety First!

Being wintertime, I'm reminded a little bit more about car safety. Not just for people, but for our furkids as well.

Two years ago, Sushi and I were in a bad car accident, after having a wonderful time at the dog park. 3 cars were involved in the accident - mine was written off. I had 7 months of physiotherapy on my knees and then my back. Sushi was scared to be in the car for about 2 months, but other than that, my little Shiba Inu boy was unharmed. Sushi was wearing his seatbelt harness, which to this day, I believe saved his life. Please, if you allow your dog to remain free in the car or even worse, allow him/her to sit up front with you - please don't do that anymore. You are putting your dog at risk, and even yourself. Find a good seatbelt harness - one that won't allow too much movement; the dog should not be able to wiggle his way out of it. With Sushi's, he can sit and lie down; it can also be used as a regular harness for walks. A crate is the best option and should be placed behind the passenger seat, in the back of course. It should be positioned in between the back of the passenger seat and the back of the backseat, so it can not budge. There are other options as well - some people install a guard or gate, depending on the vehicle they own. Do not take your pet's life for granted. An accident can happen so quickly, and there is no way for your pet to prepare himself for it.

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Well written article.