Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Toronto Shiba Inu Meetup Group

I"m the Organizer of the Toronto Shiba Inu Meetup Group. This will be my 3rd year organizing park playdates for these crazy wonderful Shibas. I don't know who originally founded the group. I stumbled upon it the same way that most of our members have - on the internet. The Organizer at the time asked if I would like to give it a shot, I said "yes" and the rest is history.

We have over 70 members so far and we average 8-10 Shibas at each Meetup. We get together at various parks across the Greater Toronto Area once or twice a month. We've gone to parks not only in Toronto, but in Mississauga, Brampton, Guelph, Acton. We have members in those areas, but also in Ajax, Oshawa, Ottawa...all over the place!

We've participated in events to help raise money for dog rescues in Ontario, including Shiba Rescue GTA

Some of our Shibas are in the 2007 K9 Rescue Me Calendar, and one of member's puppy got the honour of being on the cover of the calendar!

We've had indoor meetups as well - the Shibas even had the chance to learn some agility!

Last year we had our 1st Annual Fun n Games Event in Mississauga - that was a lot of fun, and we had a great turnout, too. Perfect weather. We played games, had some contests, raffled some treats. It was great, I can't wait to do it again this year!

I love meeting new owners or future owners. And, of course, getting to see all the Shibas play and have so much fun (and go home tired!) is the best part. Sushi has so many Shiba pals now :)

This year will be a busy year for events too. I think we'll reach 100 members by the end of the year - exciting! There can never be enough Shiba Inus!!

Bonnie & Sushi

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