Saturday, January 13, 2007

First Post!


I'm Bonnie and I"m proudly owned by a Shiba Inu named Sushi. Sushi was born on Sept. 22, 2003, he is a red sesame male from Cusona Kennels in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having lots and lots of dogs; or maybe being a veterinarian; anyway, I just knew that someday I would have my own dog and maybe be lucky enough to be involved in the dog world somehow.

Well, it's happened. It's all Sushi's fault, lol. He stole my heart. A true Shiba Inu "mine!".

Sushi is a wonderful dog, he makes me laugh, we love going to the park, he loves to play soccer, loves to play with his toys and with our 2 cats, Tatiana & Bailey. He's a good boy!

Because of Sushi, I know and have met over approximately 50 Shibas since owning him. I was asked to become Organizer of the Toronto Shiba Inu Meetup group I started in 2004, and it has been such a fun and rewarding experience. Last year, I co-founded Shiba Rescue GTA It has been a challenging experience and I am learning so much, but there is no better feeling than seeing a rescue Shiba Inu going to his/her forever home :)

So, as you can see, my world is Shiba Inu 24/7 and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is what this blog is about. My life and Sushi's life with the wonderful, quirky Shiba Inu.

Bonnie & Sushi

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Michael said...

Hi, Bonnie, first off, nice looking blog and great looking Shiba! My wife and I are new owners of Mochi, a Shiba / German Shepherd mix. We love her like crazy. So much, in fact, that we started a website for all things Shiba Inu purebreds and mixes! It's called and we want to personally invite you to come take a look. One of our goals is to become the place to have local group discussions and plan meet-ups. Feel free to use the Contact Us page to give us any feedback.