Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life With a Shiba Inu In Missouri

Well, it's been 2 weeks since my family loaded myself, the 2 cats, and the 3 dwarf hamsters into the cars and we went on a looooong road trip. Mom told me that we were moving to a place called Missouri and promised it would be lots of fun! Oh boy, I love fun!

We stayed in 3 hotels, which was kinda neat - even the cats didn't seem to mind. Now we are in Missouri (Harrisonville), and adjusting to our new home.

We are out in the country, and wow that is a big change! I'm a cityslicker, love to stick to the sidewalks, and not get my Shiba paws covered in tall grass - ick!

It's been quite the adventure. I've made one good friend. He met us the day we arrived and I see him every once in awhile. We call him Buddy :)

Other than him, there are a lot of other dogs around here that get to run loose - but I can't! How unfair is that!!! I complain during leashed walks all the time but Mom & Dad won't let me loose, humph!

But, Mom found a really cool park for me to go to and we are there almost every day when we can. I've even made 2 new Shiba pals since Mom started the Missouri Shiba Inu Meetup group. Taylor & Aki are from MSIR and are really cool and fun.

Mom says that aside from my dislike of meeting other dogs while on leash, that I have done remarkably well with all the changes in my life, and gives me bellyrubs every morning when we get up. I guess life here ain't so bad...


Vi said...

Yay Sushi! I hope you like Missouri & I'm glad to hear that you are adjusting well to the big changes in your life. Loki had a big move too, but he had to go on a plane. He really doesn't recommend that method of traveling. Driving sounds much better.

Kura the Shiba Inu said...

Cool! You already got a shiba group for missouri? i need a california one. i dont think there are much shibas in my hometown. :(

Bonnie said...

Kura, there are a few Shiba Meetup groups in California:
Hope you can join some or all, lol. They are so much fun, and trust me when I tell you that there are more Shibas in your area than you will think!

Kura the Shiba Inu said...

cool! :)