Sunday, September 9, 2007

Busy Shiba Life!

I had to drag Mom to the computer to update my blog, hmph!! I know things have been busy, but there is no excuse.

I had struvite crystals, which meant it hurt when I peed and there was some blood in my pee. I didn't like that at all!! I wanted my Mom to make it all go away. So, she took me to the vet, they gave me some medication and different food. Now, I am back to my old self. The vet things I was passing stones, though, and this may be the 2nd time this has happened. I"m not looking forward to this happening again anytime soon!

Summer has been ok. Mom went to the Agility Nationals to watch a Shiba Inu, Soshi, compete. They did SUPER!!!! Soshi and her owner, Brandi came in 5th place, and were very proud, as they should be! Mom said it was a lot of fun seeing a Shiba Inu off-leash and doing agility so well! She also bought me a stuffed duck that makes funny quacking noises, I love it!!

Mom and her pals have been busy with placing Shiba Inus in forever homes. They now have 1 Shiba Inu available, Aiko - very sweet girl! Mom's heart had gone out to a little black & tan, Kichi (means Fortunate), and Kichi has found her wonderful new family, yay!! I met Kichi a few weeks ago - we were posing for the 2008 K9 Rescue Me Calendar! Here's a picture of us.

Mom has been going a bit crazy lately. She is planning the Toronto Shiba Inu Meetup Group's 2nd Annual Fun n Games Event. She "thinks" she is nearly organized now. I saw a lot of yummy treats just waiting for me to taste test them...sluuuuurpppp!!! The event is on Saturday, Sept. 15th in Mississauga. Mom said she is expecting at least 21 Shiba Inus, and more!! We'll be sure to post a video or photo from the day.

Hey!! Guess what? My brother found me!! There was just the 2 of us in the litter. We will be turning 4 years old this month - it took us that long to find each other. Just by email, but someday maybe we'll get to play together, that would be cool. His name starts with an "S" too - Storm! That's his picture at the top of this post! Don't we look alike? And, we have a similar blanket too! He's on the left, I'm on the right.

Bonnie & Sushi

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Jenn said...

aw, what a cutie! glad to hear the kidneys are behaving themselves now.

and kudos to you for the rescue work! that is an awesome thing you do and all those Shibas (and moms and dads) must be so happy to have found you :)